Sunday, January 20, 2019

Cedar Waxwings Cooling in the Stream 5/23

Cedar Waxwings are very social birds. So they are seldom seen alone and are often heard before seen. They flock together until they raise their young.  Waxwings wait until the berries are ready in late spring or summer to nest. They are one of my favorites. Such fun!

That's all folks!    Yikes, his head is 180 from his body.

Tennessee, Yellow Warblers, Red-eyed Vireo 5/23

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Connecticut not a Nashville Warbler 5/23

We are not sure if we ever had a Connecticut Warbler in our backyard.  We are not counters of birds but we usually remember.  The Connecticut Warbler's migration is barely in Southern Minnesota, but here they are! Actually they look similar to a Nashville. (bottom of post)

The Nashville has a yellow throat while the Connecticut has gray extending through the shoulders. Nashville has a white eye ring.

Canada Warbler and Scarlet Tanager 5/22

Canada Warbler always a joy 
             to see and hear (a White-throated Sparrow its song).  This is the first Canada of the season in our backyard.


                    Scarlet Tanager feast for the eyes seldom comes out in the open.

Baybreasted, Black Burnian, Yellow Warblers, 5/21

Swainson Thrush are secretive and hard to spot since they spend time in the undergrowth.

                                 The Baybreasted in our stream but did not stay long.

Blackburnian Warbler

Yellow Warbler

                              Gray Catbird

Cedar Waxwing

Chestnut-sided Warbler Curious or Demented 5/16

Or just wanting a cooling dip.