Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wood Ducks and Woodpeckers in the Hood

Here are a few more glimpses of our backyard and birds of the hood. The Wood Duck's box is in the center tree.  The photo was taken from my bedroom window. The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was just to the left of the rail in front.  We were surprised to see the Wood Ducks on the ground. You might not see them in this photo but my binoculars and camera did.  We do get a Piliated Woodpecker and a Red-headed Woodpecker but that is rare.  Like our old neighbor Maude said, If it's not heaven, I wish heaven was like this.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (above & below)

Red-bellied Woodpecker 

Downy Woodpecker female

Good night, Barred Owl.  Couldn't resist this beautiful bird.

Bald Eagles at Big Island

It is a wonderful to have Bald Eagles on Fountain Lake and Albert Lea Lake.  We are lucky enough to see them fly over our neighborhood.  There are nesting Eagles on both Lakes. The one on Big Island is on the west lake shore of the Island that can be seen from the road.  The adult Bald Eagles were sitting near by and then soaring overhead.  The juvenile Eagles were on the long jet of land near the campsites on the Island.  The young Eagle kited over us for a few minutes,  an exhilarating experience.  Being grateful.

Spring Flowers at Big Island and Oakwood

What a pleasure to see the Spring Flowers with Addy on Easter Sunday at the State Park. 

I found my heart . . . 

Crocus  first up this spring in our garden. 
Hepatica  first spring woodland flower

Dutchman's Breeches 

Spring Beauty

False Rue-Anemone
                                                                      Wild Ginger

Painted Lady
Red Admiral

Moss plentiful, not identified but beautiful.

Wood Ducks in Oakwood in Abundance

Every Spring the Wood Ducks come to Oakwood to nest and raise their young.  There are at least four pairs of Wood Ducks that are seen in our backyard. Our mornings since March always include checking our trees for the ducks. Sometimes we get lucky and catch a photo of them, but never have we seen more than one female on a nest box at a time. Obviously Oakwood needs more Wood Duck boxes.  Gunnar is working on it. 

 Here is one of the males hanging around in our trees.  The ducks are definitely in pairs.

                     The females below are next door at my sister Linda's nesting box.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Barred Owl in the Neighborhood

Tonight as the sun was setting I went out on the deck to enjoy the view and heard a Barred Owl. The call of the Barred Owl in a familiar sound in Oakwood.  I convinced Gunnar to come out to listen.  He grabbed his new camera and we started walking down our street.  I thought it was blocks away.  He was right ,it was close, only a few houses down.  The Crows helped in locating it and hassled the owl out in the open. Good to be in Oakwood in the Spring.  We are awaiting the Warbler Migration but have seen Yellow-rumps and Kinglets as of this weekend.

                The Barred Owl in the photo above a little left and upfrom the pine needles.