Thursday, February 28, 2013

National Butterfly Center - NABA

The National Butterfly Center is a mile away from Bensten State Park which is south of Mission, TX.  We spent 5 hours there with friends who are naturalists Steve and Sue from Estero State Park, (Vermont). Julie and Ian our lovely friends from England us after a short birding ride on Bush Road near Edinburg. It was a magical afternoon with wonderful friends.

Gulf Fritillary (3.5")

 Gulf Fritillary (3.5")
Mexican Fritillary (2")
Large Orange Sulphur 
Empress Leilia (closed)

Empress Leilia (open)
Red Admiral (closed 1.5")
Banded-cell Sister (2.5)
 White Checkered Skipper (1")
Pipevine Swallowtail ( in flight) 4.5"
Texan Cresent (1.5")
Blue Darner (Damsel Fly)

Banded-Cell Sister & Red Admiral


  1. : )

    Beautiful pictures and happy memories!


  2. Thanks! Wonder-filled day with many happy memories.