Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Lucky Morning at Santa Ana

    The photos are not the best because of lighting. Birds don't always cooperate and 
sit with the sun on your right shoulder as is recommended in the photography class. 

   The Brown Thrasher was a surprise to see 12 feet above us. They are usually on the
ground thrashing the leaf litter looking for insects. They have nested in our yard in past years. They are lovely birds with their subtle rust/brown coloring.

A Harris's Hawk was sitting high in a close tree as we hiked. 
 It was hard keeping the camera still trying to capture it.

The female Vermilion Flycatcher was the highlight of the morning. She drew a crowd as she flight out to catch her lunch and come back to the highest snag. A Tropical Kingbird would chase it off occasionally.
At first we thought it was a Says Phoebe but then we had to admit it was not a first but a female.

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