Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Belted Kingfisher at Santa Ana

We finally saw our first Belted Kingfisher this winter. It is a familiar backyard bird for us. It is a common but secretive bird. Last year in Minnesota the kingfisher stayed 20 feet ahead of me on many occasions. I did not get a good photo since he keep twigs and other clutter between him and me. The Rio Grande Valley has three Kingfishers during the winter. This  mid-size Kingfisher only resides here in the winter. We are still in pursuit of the largest, Ringed. Edinburgh was where we spotted the smaller Green Kingfisher. We are looking for the Ringed Kingfisher. So far none of our friends have spotted it. 

No fish but he caught a water-bug. 

   He did eventually swallow the beetle.  The female has a rust/red belt across the breast.

Male Green Kingfisher
                                                                     That is all, folks!

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