Friday, April 18, 2014

Aloe Farm and Aurora Colorado Ramsey Park

Our road trip to the Aloe Vera Farm (3/18) with Jim and Judy was a windy affair. It was a gorgeous day but the wind was steady at 25 mph. Getting there was a challenge but it was worth the drive as the grounds were beautiful. Jim and Judy from Decatur, Ill are birders who turn to butterflies also. Jim is into photography which about a half of us are. It is a wonderful way to identify and species and record the trip. Now since cameras photos are so available, experts want proof of their birders sightings. The Aloe Farm is a bed and breakfast with such a serene setting (except for the wind). There are flowers, there are insects and with insects there are birds. I can not identify flowers especially those in Texas, remember, I only sleep with the gardener. Enjoy!

Hooded Oriole

White-striped Longtail

 Palm fronds blew down, minutes before the path was clear. (Judy and Gunnar)

 Decorating for Easter

             We had a great meal at Tuckers BQ in Lyford. Then on our way to Harlingen's Aurora Colorado  Ramsey Park. It is a great little local park that a Minneapolis (Hovland) retired band teacher work at when he lives in Harlingen half the year. 

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