Thursday, April 3, 2014

Last Butterfly Walk at Estero

It was not the greatest day for butterflying but it was the last Friday and 1:30 so off to Estero I went.  Dave and May lead the walk and Dave came later. The best butterfly was the Mazon's Scallopwing in the Tropic Area across from the park volunteer area. This butterfly was not very cooperative but finally sat for one good shot. This was the first of the new season for this Scallopwing. We took our customary road trip on the tram to see Pygmy Blue and were lucky to see blooming cactus. How lovely! I just wish I could remember their names.

                                                    Mazon's Scallopwing

                     Gulf Fritillary
    Vesta Crescent                      


                                             Pearl Crescent

   Tropical White Laying Eggs                                                                                                              (black spots on grass)

 Fawn-spotted Skipper

      MOTH ALERT - Yellow Geometric
     (best we could ID no Moth-ers today

                               Celia Wayside Skipper
                                    Road Trip with Dave and May on the Tram

Eastern Screech Owl
                    White-striped Longtail      
                                          Western Pygmy Blue (smallest butterfly in North America)
         Dave Elders from Quetico Provincial Park in Canada 
(He wore shorts & sandals everyday! Closest shopping Duluth or Mpls)
Dave is a naturalist who has incredible knowledge of plant life. 

The cactus blooming were lovely, 
but I do not recall the names of them. 

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