Thursday, March 16, 2017

Larks on Border Road North of Sana Ana

Border Road became a good place to roadside bird.  After the heavy rains on March 8th the Burrowing Owl could not be located.  But Sally and Dave always reported wonderful sightings. We did see Meadow Larks and Horn Larks and many wine perchers. Hornlarks are often since by the side of the road flying in small flocks in early winter in Minnesota.


        The Hornlarks  were                                   missing horns.

Meadowlarks have been a favorite of mine since childhood.  We could depend on one singing on the highest post along many country roads.  They are now quite scarce in Freeborn County but Al Batt says there are some out near Manchester. 

Meadowlarks were a ways off with a strong wind. It was very hard to steady the camera.  But I was excited to see them before we left the valley.  Hoping to see them in the North Country.

  Every 1/4 mile there are hawks  or American Kestrels sitting on the wires always hunting.. 
Surprise a Kiskadee!, sweet good-bye to the untypically silent Kiskadee. 

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