Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Red-crowned Parrots at Valley Nature Center


  The last evening in SRGV we decided to look for the Red-crowned Parrots in Weslaco. Sally  convinced us and our new neighbors at the Alamo Inn that the Parrots could be seen at the Valley Nature Center.  We waited and waited for the flock but only two were hanging around the nest boxes. Photos were taken but the light was leaving fast. 

                                                       He actually yawned!     Ready to Roost.

Then we heard them off in the distance and drove a couple of blocks straight west on 3rd. There the raucous began with about 30 some squawking parrots.  It would be hard to live there but the roost quiets down hopefully as dark falls.  We didn't wait because we were hungry for one last meal and beer at the Blue Onion. Next year, we will be there in January when it gets dark earlier.

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