Monday, June 5, 2017

Make Way for the Duckling Part 1

Oakwood is Wood Duck Heaven.  Our neighbors in the Inner Circle have a webcam on their Wood Duck box. I watched it on LiveStream. Yesterday afternoon the Nelson's duckling hatched but the female continued to sit on her brood.  Early this morning (5:00) I hurried over there with my cell,  binoculars and camera.  After she was out of the box for an hour, (usual 30 minutes to feed)  I decided I had to leave for her to return.  I also returned twice before she was ready to lead her crew out of her safety. I like to think she was giving each one a peck and wished them well before she started out of the box around 10:00.

 She sat in the box until the neighbor boys finished bouncing basket balls and the car traffic was quiet.   The mother took a very long time listening and checking out the environment.  She looked to the right, to the left, then right at me for a long time.  Looking down and starting her scan again.  I slowly ducked behind the bush that was mostly hiding me.  Then she stretched out farther and scan the area one last time before she flew down across the alley.  Suddenly one of the more active ducklings emerged and peaked out the hole.

Part 2  The Fledglings

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