Thursday, April 18, 2013

Loons on Edgewater Bay

The Common Loon is not very common in Southern Minnesota. We do not have cool clear lakes as Northern Minnesota does but shallow muddy lakes. So we only get loons when they migrate. Gunnar heard one on Tuesday evening and we have been seeing them for several days. Our home in Oakwood is surrounded by  Edgewater Bay which is part of Fountain Lake. Loon viewing was good but the conditions were dreadful.  Cold, rain, snow, sleet and a strong north wind has been the dominate pattern.

There has been at 2 pairs of Common Loons on the lake this year.
Sometimes the loons let me take portraits shots and other times only candid shots.

I know he was looking at me.

I followed a pair for 30 minutes but I did not get them together in a shot.
Makes me stretch my shoulders when I see this.


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