Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wood Ducks Mean Spring

The photo was taken through 2 layers of glass.

  In Oakwood, when the wood ducks arrive, IT IS Spring! The first siting was Saturday morning April 6th in the oak trees. The eight male ducks hang out there until around 9AM. Then they take to the open water. Our lake is covered in ice all winter except for the aeration pumps which keeps oxygen high enough for the game fish. Before the wood ducks, there were Canvass backs, Scaups/Bluebills, Canada Geese, and Buffleheads. The smaller ducks have migtrated through but the geese and wood ducks stay.

We will see them until their mates come and start nesting.

One pair will use our wood duck box, our should I say their box.


  1. Beautiful! Nice to see you carrying on with the photography as well. Xxx

  2. Thanks, we are close to the lake but not as close as Estero. We are getting snow again. Not a nice spring so far.