Sunday, March 15, 2015

Butterfly Walk at Estero Llando Grande

Every Friday or should I say, every fair weather Friday Estero Llando Grande has a schedule Butterfly Walk lead by Rick Snider, a very knowledgeable naturalist. There has been many Fridays this winter that have not been fit for butterflies, but not this Friday the 13th.  It started bad for me when I mistook a Novice for Dan Jones, a name I have heard dropped many times ID-ing birds and butterflies in the Valley.  I did make a lasting impression on the visitor but not on Dan Jones.  I included their photos at the end of this posting. As the temperature increased so did the butterflies, butterfliers, and the excitement. Thank you, Rick, May, Dave and Sue for creating the enthusiasm for our walks.The day was great fun and ended at the Blue Onion with my own Novice Butterflier. 
Gray Hairstreak
Mating White-checked Skipper
Fiery Skipper
Laviana Skipper

Southern Skipperling

Southern Dogface 

Phaon Crescent

                                         White-stripped Longtail (Skipper)

Mexican Blue-wing
 Gunnar took this photo of the group at its peak looking at the White-stripped Longtail.

Dave caught us scanning for butterflies. 

Nice Guy Novice from Nova Scotia

Then there was the bit about who was really the renown expert bird and butterflier of the South Rio Grande Valley and who was the first time butterflier and first year birder in the Valley.  Thanks Chuck for the confusion which turn out a great laugh on me.  Hope we can meet up with them again.

Dan Jones, Field Expert ID-er

Nicolas sharing photo of the Green Kingfisher with Nice Guy

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