Friday, March 20, 2015

Summer Tanager in a Muddle

      The Summer Tanager taking a bath in a muddy puddle was the highlight of my Butterfly Walk at Estero.  This poor bird's bath did not work out so well. She got muddier and muddier and looked frustrated. We were very entertained during the highest heat in humidity of the day.  "It's to dang hot!" May said and added, "I waited all winter to say that."  She is right, the weather was cool and rainy most of our time SRGV.  We hardly had more than two days of sunshine in a row. Fridays were not sunny or warm which is the best for finding butterflies, but I am grateful for the time with an interesting group of naturalists. Thank you Rick and May for hosting the Butterfly Walks and Dave for making it fun.


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