Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rails, Herons, Bitterns and Soras

Rails, Bitterns, Green Herons and Soras are very elusive wading water fowl. Many of these birds are not commonly seen.  Experience birders at South Padre are always asking each others if they have seen them yet or when. It takes time, patience, and luck to see them.  It is a good day to see one and great day to get a recognizable photo of them. But it is a Super Day to get a great photo.  Waiting for my Super Day!

                                       Virginia Rail along the reeds at Dowitcher Pond

The Clapper Rail at South Padre 

The most focused photos were of the posterior.

                                         Green Heron hunting at Willow Lakes Santa Ana      

                                 Sora (Rail) at South Padre Island Birding Center
I am patiently waiting for the American Bittern, Least Bittern, and the King Rail and my Super Day!

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