Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Back at It: Birding in the Wind

After a cold and rainy few days we could again be out in the parks.  This morning was spent in Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge.  The wind was very strong so the birds hunkered down out of sight for the most part. It was a lovely day to see birding friends and go for a hike. 
Eastern Phoebe

                         Vermillion Flycather  Immature Male
Least Grebe

Blue-wing Teal
Common Pauraque
     Great birders today including Laura and Steve but the most interesting were Dave Seal and his old buddy Lee and his wife.  They have been birding and banding birds together since 1949.  Lee said he has been birding since 1943 and first came to Texas from Illinois to bird in 1951.  Amazing!

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