Thursday, January 5, 2017

First Day in the Valley & a Lifer

             Who knew when we casually eased into birding this winter that we would find our good friends and find a life bird on a short road trip near Elsa north of Mercedes. Mountain Bluebird was the highlight of the Estero Grande Llano Christmas Bird Count that was found today.  We saw old favorites like the Brown Thrasher, Ibises, Night Herons, Phoebes and Snowy Egrets.  Nice way to start the birding season.


                                                                 Brown Thrasher
Gadwall Couple

White-faced Ibis

             Cormorant with fish and swallowed

                                               Immature Night Heron (Golden-crown)

Tri-colored Heron

                                                 White-faced Ibis and Snowy Egret 

                                                              Wilsons Snipe

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