Friday, January 13, 2017

Butterflies at Edinburgh and Santa Ana

    What a grand day of butterflying!          Monarchs,  Queens, Admirals, Crescents,  
      Crimson Patch .  .  .   Old friends and new.



 Crimson Patch  


                                                Checkered White
               Pearl Crescent                                                          Pale-banded Crescent
                                                                                                                   Southern Dogface

Birds were scarce or hunkered down again.  But it was a very butterfly or flutterby afternoon in Edinburgh on Thursday.  Both today and yesterday was partly cloudy, humid and winds to 20 mph.  The highlight was the numbers of butterflies and two Zebra Heliconia. They fluttered by me many times but did not light. At Santa Ana the lowlights were a Gulf Flitillary and a beat up Common Mestra.  


                            Large Yellow

 White Peacock

                                                                   Gulf Flitillary
                                                             Common Mestra
                                     Variegated Meadowhawk Dragon Fly

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