Thursday, February 19, 2015

Birding Near Mission

Our birding adventure this week took us to Mission, just west of McAllen.  We were dressed for the 43 degree temps with no sun and a wind. Bentsen State Park was our first stop and the Hooked-bill Kite the target bird. No sightings on the levee in the AM by anyone. We walked for about an hour not seeing much, so . . . 

Next we headed to Mission Nature Park which has a paved trail but we took to the levee which was wet and sticky. The clay stuck like glue to the bottom of our boots. Almost immediately we were 3 inches taller and walking like clod hoppers.  Nothing up on the levee either but we saw a Cactus Wren and a Roadrunner on the paved trail. 

 After a little drive we spotted Burrowing Owl on another Levee.

   Our last stop was at Anzalduas County Park before we had a late late lunch
  at the  New Ranch House Burgers in Palmview.
There was flock of BlueBirds and many Warblers but no photos.

                      Loggerhead Shrike 
                  Vermilion Flycatcher                                        

 Osprey with  Catch

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