Saturday, February 7, 2015

Rarities at Estero - Rare, Rarer and Rarest

Estero was hopping with activity today. Volunteers, people guided nature walks, bird tourists and rare bird counters. Some came after reports and confirmation that Gray-crowned Yellowthroat has been sighted for a full week and a  White-throated Thrush which was new in the last two days.  We finally saw the Yellowthroat and we are hoping when the dozens of birders are gone we will see the grayish thrush which is not as spectacular as our American Robin, but much more rare. It was seen with Clay-colored Thrushes (Robins). 

                    Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet, heard but seldom seen in the open.

    An immature Broad-tailed Hawk sitting along the channel on the way to Alligator Lake.
         Gray-crowned Yellowthroat, finally out in the open for everyone to see at 8am.

Just part of the birders looking for the White-throated Thrush. 
At one time I counted more than 2 dozen birders in sight looking for one bird. 

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  1. Great shot of the Tyrannulet. You're right, that bird is very hard to get the bins on, let alone get a photo. And it's looking quite golden in the Texas light. Also, very nice photos of the Gray-crowned Yellowthroat. Congrats all around.