Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mission Nature Park and Anzalduas County Park

Mission Nature Park is a 5 mile bike trail that parallels the levee where snails live in trees. Last year Hook-billed Kites picked them off the trees while birders delighted. Not to be this year but Cactus Wrens, Bewick's Wren, Roadrunnners and Various Hawks on the Wing.

 Cactus Wren on Cactus,  no photos of the Bewick's.

The Roadrunner was being too tricky to get a great photo, just like on the cartoons. 

Anzalduas County Park is an open picnic area that you can drive around bird from your car. Warblers, Bluebirds and Vermillion Flycatchers are the usual suspects.  The Rio River attracts Brown Pelicans, Ospreys and other fisher species. The parking lot has many more Border Patrol vehicles than other vehicles. We saw only 3 other vehicles and 2 had Minnesota license plates.


                    Loggerhead Shrike 

Osprey with Catch of the Morning 

Vermillion Flycatcher

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