Friday, February 26, 2016

Birding at Edinburg and Frontera

        Birding most morning here in the Valley because afternoons belong to the butterflies. 

Tropical Parula - Frontera
Carolina Wren - Frontera

Black and White Warbler - Edinburgh

Inca Doves - Frontera

Blue-headed Vireo

Blue Bunting - Frontera
Painted Bunting female - Frontera
Black-headed Grosbeak female - Frontera 

Long-billed Thrasher - Edinburgh
Altimara immature - Frontera

Gray Catbird - Frontera

Long-billed Thrasher - Frontera
Curved-billed Thrasher - Edinburgh

Nashville Warbler - Frontera
Olive Sparrow - Frontera

Buff-belly Hummingbird

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