Sunday, February 28, 2016

Long-billed Thrashers and Ovenbirds

Thrashers and Ovenbirds are scavengers of the forest floor, so they are hard to see.  But today again the Long-billed Thrasher was out in the open. The Ovenbird was skiddish as usual and move away from us rather than closer. I am determined to get a great photo. I will return to Frontera until have a great photo. 

                 Long-billed and Curved-billed Thrashers live in mostly Texas and Mexico.
Brown Thrashers are in TX in migration and are range East of the Rockies to Florida.
Brown Thrashers are backyard birds for us in MiN.  All are twice the size of Ovenbirds.

Ovenbirds are small (7 inches) Woodland Warblers that migrate to Minnesota and North. There coloring are similiar to the Thrashers but have a stripey crown and a white eyering. 

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