Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Brushline Road - Pyrrhuloxia & Other Song Birds

            January 28th the temperature was 34 degrees when we left Alamo heading north to Brushline Road northeast of Edinburg.  The windows were rolled down in front for sighting and it was freezing in the back. I checked the temp on the truck at I was right 30 degrees plus windchill. But we were soon rewarded by seeing Pyrrhuloxias in the high brush. The photos were all females or immatures which sort of cardinal look a like.  

Incomparison to the Pyrrhuloxia,   Cardinals ( Frontera)
  in Texas are much more vibrant than those in  Oakwood (MN)

 The Curved-billed Thrasher was in the undergrowth below the Pyrrhuloxia.

Sprague's Pipits (sparrow like bird) did a courtship flight from the ground to high in the air.  No Photographs but we chanced on another rare bird, the Green-tailed Towhee very high.
Vesper Sparrow 

 Savanah Sparrow, below Verdin and White-eyed Vireo


                        Eastern  Phoebe  
Vermillion Flycatcher, 2 photos 

Mockingbird (pretending to be someone else) 
Two Kiskadees, more to come to the pair. 

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