Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Frontera Rare Birds and Birders

In the last weeks, Frontera was humming with birders and rare birds. I was lucky enough to see most of them. The Blue Bunting, the rarest of the birds seldom seen in the US drew hundreds of birders. I have spent 5 mornings there with the crowd and the chance to see rare and wonderful birds. Crimson Collared Grosbeak, Blackheaded Grosbeak, Painted Bunting and the Blue Bunting were all firsts for me. Paul and I were without cameras when the Crimson sat smackdab in front of us. The Blue Bunting was a fleeting sight so Frontera is now a regular haunt for Gunnar and I. We want our own photos of it.  
Photo by Michael Emenaker 

 Above:  Black-throated Green Warbler,    Below Tropical Parulas  
On January 26th, our Warbler Day with no camera day, we saw 10 warblers species. 
After the rain stopped and the warblers were actively feeding.  Good call Paul.

           After the news of the Blue Bunting, Frontera was a zoo, exciting but claustrophobic. 


                No sighting yet . . .   But that day, Carolee, Paul and I scored a Blue Bunting! Not everyone did. 

                              Black-headed Grosbeak (female)

Feeding Station Regulars  : Buff-belled Hummingbird, Gray Catbird, Clay-colored Thrush


 Altimara Oriole (immature)  Ovenbird, below

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