Sunday, March 17, 2013

Edinburg Butterflies

It was a pleasant sunny late morning, the butterfliers and photographers were out at Edinburg. By chance I met Jim & Judy again. We were on at least three guided Butterfly Walks together. They are waiting to get their Pentex Papillo Binoculars 0.5 like mine.  I shared with them with others on Butterfly Walks at Estero and Santa Ana. The binoculars can focus to 18 inches. The binoculars are wonderful but when you have a good camera that you can enlarge, they are not as essential. (March 9th)  If I have miss identified any butterflies, please let me know. I am a novice butterflier and there are many that are so similar.
Marine Blue is gray & white with 2 jewel insets.

Two Marine Blue Butterflies
My small butterfly binoculars: Pentax Papillio 0.5m
Sorry this photo is in the middle of the butterflies. 
Marine Blue male more solid blue & female with gray edges
Marine Blue female higher & male lower
Skipper Un-ID-ed 
Little Yellow

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