Sunday, March 3, 2013

Estero Butterfly Walk

Male Wood duck
My fourth Butterfly Walk at Estero Lano Grande State Park was probably the least productive as far as seeing variety of species. It seems many of the plants which attract the butterflies were past. I was more at ease with my camera but it is still very challenging to find the tiniest butterfly with my small field of vision..The highlight of the BW was a male wood duck close to the deck and watching a Virginia Rail scurry out of sight in the sledges right before our eyes. The butterfly of the day was a Flacate Orangetip. I did not get a photo but I saw it. Jim Oettel kindly sent me his photos. 

 Thank you Carolee and Sue Keefer for opening my eyes to the wonders of butterflies.  I hope to see you both again.   Julie, you were a pro even in the beginning. Your photos at Falcon were exquisite. I loved how Kathy and Bill took to butterflies also. Birding is wonderful in the morning but when birds are scarce in the afternoon butterflies are there flitting around waiting for an ID or photo shoot. 
Falcate Orangetip (male 1.5")

Falcate Orangetip Open


White Peacock
Damsel fly Blue Darner

Olive Clouded Skipper

Zebra Heliconian 
 Zebra Heliconian (3") Zebra Longwing was previous name.
I wanted to crop this but the right wing extends to the bottom edge.

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  1. I was lucky with my camera - and you were a great guide! Thank you for opening my eyes to all of the beautiful butterflies : )