Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Last Butterfly Walk at Estero

It was an extremely windy day at Estero, but it was Friday, the scheduled Butterfly Walk. I made it to all the Butterfly Walks there after I became interested in butterflying.  Some walks there were 15 people and over 40 different species of butterflies. Only a few of us that gathered but their were 3 expert naturalist. I came early so Dave identified a few butterflies but not moth photos. At the end of the walk  we took tram near Alligator Lake and I got my Pygmy Blue. Next year the photos will be better.

Geometric MOTH not Butterfly (inchworm) 
Geometric MOTH (1.5") No ID
Western Pygmy Blue  (0.75)

Western Pygmy-Blue (0.75")
Western Pygmy-Blue (0.75")
Julia"s Skipper  (1")
White Checkered-Skipper (1")
Laviana White-Skipper (1.5")
Common Mestra   (1.5")
Common Mestra (1.5")

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