Saturday, March 16, 2013

Farewell Estero State Park

After a day of packing, G and I drove the familiar route to Estero. The cloudy and windy day had become sunny and calmer. It was after the park office closed and few visitors were still there. The serene was broken when a hawk flew low over the shorebirds, they flew or dove into the water. I walked to Alligator Lake looking for little blue butterflies and Gunnar stayed watching from the deck. After a few photos I walked back to the boardwalk opposite of the deck.  As the sun was at just the right angle, a dozen green-wing teal swam to the center of the pond. One of the male green-wing started peeping and raised himself in the water. The rest of the teal were swimming in a circle around him as the sun lit the iridescent feathers on his head. Another two males took their turn in this spring/setting sun ritual. It was a magical. What a way to say farewell.

Teal, Shovelers
Green-wing Teal, male & female Shoveler

Ringed-neck Duck
Northern Harrier

Common Buckeye (not a Blue)

Mostly Dowitchers

Green-wing Teal, male

Green-wing Teal, male
Green-wing Teal, male
Gunnar watching the green-wing teal.


  1. What a lovely way to end your trip.

    We're still missing you and Texas!