Monday, March 25, 2013

Great Blue Herons at South Padre Island

Silhouette of a Great Blue  
Usually Great blue Herons are seen from afar, but at South Padre Island they are up close and personal. The photos were taken Wednesday, March 6th from 10 am until 4 pm. The birders were few but those that were there had grand viewing. A week later Texas Week, the Island was filled with many college age tourists but I bet the Birding Center was filled with birds not kids.

The three photos were of a Great Blue Heron posturing in front of other Blues out in the Laguna.

    The Great Blue Heron is the most photographed bird in the world. 
They hold their postures well or their hunting skills depend on slow and steady.

On the Hunt 

At low tide with the wind blowing as the sun was leaving
Great Blue on the sign Common Shorebirds saying farewell.


  1. I love Great Blue Herons and I love your photos of them, especially the first three in this series!

  2. Thanks, it was fun watching the egret strut in the shallows.