Monday, March 7, 2016

Frontera - A Windy Birdy Morning

Gunnar and I almost had Frontera to ourselves. Our plan was to stake out the Blue Bunting first. After Gunnar put the 3 chairs back to the feeding station, we settled in to watch. Not to be -- a friendly birder came back for a better shot too. He was wearing a white T-shirt and a long camera. I am not saying that is why but . . .  The female Painted Bunting, Black-crested Tit-mice, White-eyed Vireo Black & White Warbler, Long-billed Thrasher, Ruby-crowned Kinglet and Wilson Warbler came through but none came to the water. The White Shirt stayed and we left. An hour or more later I stopped by the BB water and three birders were looking into the forest floor. I identified the Blue Bunting way back with an Orange-crowned Warbler and Olive Sparrow came to the water. As we were staring at the BB, a young nursery worker quietly said, "Excuse me."  As he scurried by the BB flushed back and did not reappear.   Overall, it turned out to a be a very birdy day.

White-eyed Vireo
            Olive Sparrow above and Orange-crowned Warbler below. Not other photos of great birds.
We had  views of the BB 30 feet back and sometimes in the sunshine. 
It was one of my longest looks at that lovely Blue.

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