Sunday, March 6, 2016

American Bittern at Pintail Lakes - Santa Ana

Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge is 7 miles south of Alamo hugging the border on the Rio Grande. Walks are scheduled Fridays through Mondays in the winter months. This year Laura and Steve Paulson lead the morning walks. They are a wonderful team, one with an excellent ear for bird calls and songs and the other eagle eyes. This is their second year at Santa Ana and hopefully will be here for many more. The photos are from the last few walks that I joined them among many other birders of all ranges of expertise. At today's walk most birders scored at least one life bird, first time seen and recognized. Laura and Steve were thrilled with their life bird the Least Bittern. No lifers for me, but it was great seeing the American Bittern again and the Northern Jacana. Brian shared his videos of the Jacana.

                                                                     American Bitterns

            Harris's Hawk

                     Green Kingfisher

                                                         Solitary Sandpiper
Showy Egret

                           Solitary Sandpiper
                                                       Black-neck Stilt 
                                     Wilson's Snipe

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