Monday, March 14, 2016

Hermit Thrush, Black Phoebe, Black-throated Gray

Who walks there? A Screech Owl looks at us questioning at Bensten State Park.

           A lovely Black-throated Gray Warbler welcomed us before we entered the  park.  Bensten State Park, is the only place I have seen the Black Phoebe. We saw a pair on the levee bank as we started our walk. The nicest surprise was a Hermit Thrush at the Kiskadee Blind. This small thrush migrates through Minnesota on its way to Northern Minnesota or       Canada. It does have a tail but my view was obstructed.    

Hermit Thrush as small as an Ovenbird @7inches

 Black  Phoebe  Year Round in
                                                                                                   Southwest USA and Mexico

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