Friday, March 4, 2016

On Brushline Road Again

I was lucky and grateful to go on a road trip with Laura Paulson, Santa Ana. We approached Brushline Road as we traveled West on FM-490. The turnoff a quarter mile stretch was incredibly filled with Pyyrrhuloxias. One male was extremely colorful, white the female was not so much. Sparrows were abundant throughout the drive. Up the road walked a Roadrunner and following him was a small bobcat. The Roadrunner finally ran across the road and the long legged (ferral) cat slinked into the brush showing its long tail on a fussy photo. OH, well. Other outstandig species we saw: Northern Quail, Caracara, White-tailed Kites, Merlin, Swainson Hawk. Next stop was Delta Lakes County Park (Hildago,County).
                                                                                Pyrrhuloxia (male)
Pyrrhuloxia (female at SPI)          
Savannah Sparrow 
                                                          Cassin's  Sparrow 

Vesper Sparrow 
Tropical Kingbird 
Harris's Hawk

 American Pipits

American Avocet  (non-breeding)

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