Monday, May 27, 2013

Cardinal Courtship

We have had a pair of Northern Cardinals in our backyard for many years. They are seen and heard all year around. The pair are regulars at our feeders.  The cardinals are the last ones to the feeders at night. We saw this ritual at noon during a steady rain. The male would get sunflowers from the feeder and fly to feed the female. This was repeated at least four times. Personally,  I would rather go out to eat at a restaurant.

The female first arrived near the feeder.
The male gave the seed to the female.

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  1. Fascinating facts, Lorna. you are so wise. I am learning about the wonderful bird world through you.
    Thank you.

    We have a pair of cardinals too. But at our feeder, the female has to fend for herself. They like eating the fruit/nut seed mixture that falls to the ground.