Saturday, May 4, 2013

Birds of a Feather on Fountain Lake

Fountain Lake was temporary home to many kinds of ducks and waterfowl after the ice went out. Couples were seen on the lake and some odd pairings. These photos were taken in April in our extended winterish spring. On May 2nd we had a nasty winter snow storm which took out our power for 40 hours. During that time we saw a yellow rumped warblers, a brown thrasher, dozens of white-throated and chipping sparrows at our feeders. What a strange spring! Now let's get on with the warbler migration since International Migration Day is right around the corner on May 15. That is peak migration for the insect eaters.

Northern Shovelers male & female
Canvasbacks female & male

Two male Red-breasted Mergansers
Bufflehead (female) and Pied-bill Grebe
Blue-wing Teal    female & male
White Pelicans,  both males (females do not have the fleshy nob on their beaks)
White Pelicans & Cormorants often together on lake
Common Mergansers  female & male

Red-breasted Merganser  male & female

Buffleheads females
Buffleheads male & female

Hooded Mergansers     female & male
Mallards female & 2 males
American Coots 
Lesser Scaup 


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  1. Howdy neighbor! Your photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us!