Saturday, May 4, 2013

Storm Damage on LakeView Boulevard

Heavy wet snow came silently early Thursday morning, 11 inches total.   At 3 am a large oak branch crashed onto our roof taking out the power lines to our house in Oakwood.  At 5 am the rest of the neighbors lost their power when 2 power lines broke in half. This took out power to Shoreland too until 1:30 am the next morning. Thankfully  after 40 hours, a crew restored our power at 7 pm on Friday. Who would have thought a May snow diaster in Albert Lea.

This is looking out our door at our garden. The  rest of the limb was still on
 our roof to the east.  Another partial oak tree fell on the north peak of our house.
We did not have the energy to photograph this. 
A smaller branch fell on Gunnar's Growlery on the lake side.
This is LakeView Boulevard looking to toward Shoreland on the right. (a block from our house)
The street and bridge was closed for the day and traffic rerouted 4 miles

The crew from Stewartville/Chatfield worked until 2 am. 

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