Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oakwood at Sunset

It was 7:40pm and the nicest weather of the day.  I decided to go for a walk and took my binoculars and camera, but had to go back for a new battery. Earlier in the day I took 2 binoculars instead of my camera and missed some mating frenzy of the red-bellied sapsucker. Anyway I  was hoping to see some warblers 
but I only saw two on my walk but other things jumped out at me. But the sunset was the most spectacular. 
Trillium in our garden

Bluebells left from Maude's

 The herbivore who eats them.
Female Red-breasted Grosbeak

Yellow Warbler has with red stripes
Chipping Sparrow

Buds coming out, missed the bird
Kingfisher clattering

Yellow rumped Warbler

Myrtle (yellow-rumped again)



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