Monday, May 13, 2013

The Warblers Are Coming! The Warblers Are Coming!

The Myrtle Warblers or Yellow-rumped Warblers, as they are know now came May first. They survived our spring snowstorm by eating our suet. They have not been seen in a few day but were doing the warbler thing and picking off bugs from the oaks. Joining them in the last few days were the Black & White Warbler and the Connecticut Warbler. On Sunday, the 12th we saw our first Redstart.  Hopeful will see  more warblers and peaking later next week. International Migration Day for Songbirds is May 15th.  It is also my best birding partner's birthday on the 15th, Happpy Birthday Gunnar.  Happy Birding!

These Yellow-rumped Warblers spent much time at our suet feeders .

They normally would be eating the insects of the catkins of the oaks.
It was great seeing them in the grass or a more natural environment.

The Black and White Warblers reminds me of Tuxedos.

The Conneticutt Warbler is usually hard to ID, but in the grass
with a camera it was easier.

The white eye-ring was the give away feature.

We were seeing many Woodthrushes but this is a Veery.

Veery is similar to a thrush.

Redstart, one of my favorite warblers. Waiting for better photo.
Yellow Warbler down by the shore.

Here is Addy, my favorite warbler,
but she just does not warble often enough.
Thanks for going on the annual Mother's Day Walk.

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