Monday, March 17, 2014

Before and After the Butterfly Walk was the Best

It was a nice afternoon for a Butterfly Walk. Gunnar and I arrived at 10 AM for a preview and found the Cassius and the Pygmy Blue. We had a quick lunch at the Blue Onion and I returned in time to chat with Sue and Steve as they were preparing to leave in the morning. Arrangements were made for a final dinner, so I stayed after the Walk. The reward was seeing Ben Basham and a Question Mark, a first for both.

Cassius Blue is a tiny butterfly, 
less than a 1/2 inch.

Ceraunus Blue or
Reakirt's Blue 
not seen this year.

Western Pygmy-Blue in the Sedum, but where?

         Pygmy-Blue smallest Butterfly in North America.

 Question Marks after Hours
 First we thought these were Tropical Leafwings.
                         The identifying mark is the comma and dot, thus the question mark.

You see the white  ? when the wings are closed in the midle of the lower wings.

As we were admiring the Question Mark, Ben Basham drove slowly by birding 
from the van.  A legendary birder, more North America birds than anyone ever, 
now lives at Estero and loves to chat with interested birders and butterfliers. 
He lead us to  in his Fig Tree to see American Robins. Thank you, Ben.

We had a delightful encounter with a young family from Houston. Their second grade 
daughter is an avid butterflier so they were spending part of their Spring Break in parks 
of the RGV butterflying. She spotted a Mexican Bluewing that came to the bait for a brief time.                  Thanks to the dad for taking the photo. Wish I had a photo of them.

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  1. The photos of the Pygmy Blue are remarkable. Great job.