Thursday, March 6, 2014

Butterfly Walk at Estero

The second Butteryfly Walk at Estero was good but the cold weather in the Valley has been tough on the butterflies. Rick says they have been coming back after the cold but it is not like last year. A smaller group of Butterfly Geeks showed up as it was another windy day. But they brought their binoculars, books, and their budding enthusiasm for butterflies.
    Sue, Rick and Connie, part of the Geek Squad
                                                                      Cassius Blue Mating  < 1"

           South Texas Satyr (Hermes) Newly Renamed

                                                      Fiery Skipper

               Tropical Leafwings                                                                                        

                                                       Mexican Bluewings 

                 Not ID-ed yet

                               Gray Hairstreak

                          Border Patch
                                                                      Volunteers at Santa Ana from WI
Empress Leilia at Santa Ana in the AM, second time seeing one in a week.
The Geek Herself
My daughter called me a geek and defined it as someone who is enthusiastic 
and takes pleasure from (an obscure) hobby.  Yes, I am!
And it is my pleasure to know many other Geeks in the Rio Grande Valley. 


  1. Finally made it to your blog....great pics. Thanks. Chuck & Connie Clark

  2. Monday, I will do a how to do a Blog!