Monday, March 24, 2014

Blue Bonnets and More! Thank You, Lady Bird!

What a lucky adventure going north! We canceled our plans of going to Goose Lake or Aransas Wildlife area, and decided to just home, chance of rain 80%.  But we diverted from (281)  then to I-37 and took 97 from Pleasant and drove through Floresville on 97. I wonder how Floresville got its name, anything to do with Flora? My mother's name was Florence, now I really like the name. Anyway, here is something of what we saw.           LOVED our DETOUR!


  1. Wow! What beautiful fields of flowers. Best wishes from Nelson, BC!

  2. Lorna, your pictures are book or calendar worthy!!! Thanks for sharing! You guys are right about Lady Bird adding to the beauty of America! We are indebted, for sure...Jan Hurst