Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Owlets at Falfurrias Picnic and Rest Area

It was rumored that a Painted Redstart was seen a few miles from Falfurrias at this wooded stop.  So why not take a break, even though we were planning to eat in Falfurrias. We were so happy we did. As we were walking with our binoculars to the restroom a service worker asked if we saw the owls. He took us over to the brick wall on the west, closer to the south bound parking. What a kick to see to the pair of juvenile Great Horned Owls peaking at us. A regular to the stop asked if we checked out the pond on the north end. He said he checks them every week and are really growing. On our way we saw the Bluebird and then Water Thrush by the edge. I will post their photos later. Our first lucky stop and best birding in a while.

 Juvenile Great Horned Owls

 Taken from the side,
so we think this is the other
 owlet turned.
Switching of the Guard Owl

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