Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sabal Palm Sanctuary and Parrots in Brownsville

Our next stop was Sabal Palm Sanctuary in search of the Female Rose-throated Becard. The Sanctuary's Nature Center has relocated in the Plantation House. Visitors can tour the house but most just rush to see the hot-spots on the grounds. There is a wonderful Butterfly Garden close to the feeding station and new gardens with water features that should be wonderful in the future. Sue spotted the Becard as we were almost out of patience and energy. We all got a look at her but too fast for photos or binoculars. Success!
Sue trying to find the Becard again for us.

Gray Hairstreak only butterfly photographed

                   Hooded Orioles  

   Yellow-throated Warbler

                                                    Orange-crowned Warbler
         Black and White Warbler
                                                                                                       Gray Catbird
        Cardinal Female

Green Jays caught on Live Cam at Sable Palms, NOT MY PHOTO
There is a live cam facing the feeder that can be viewed and heard during daylight hours. 
Click here for link.   Sable Palm Sanctuary 
  White-tipped Dove    

                                                  Brownville at Dusk

Brownsville has 5 species of parrots and 2 more hybrids. As the sunsets they gather at the Soccer Fields at the Sports Complex (1000 Sports Park Blvd) on the Eucalyptus Trees. They are heard from blocks away. We saw only 2 species, Red-lore and Yellow-headed Parrots and were happy there were lights on since it was dark by the time we found them.

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