Monday, March 31, 2014

Santa Ana Butterfly Walk - March 19th

Finally a nice morning for a Butterfly Walk at Santa Ana. March 19th was my first and last Butterfly Walk here. It was the first Wednesday that was not severely windy, cold, rainy or another event was planned. Mike Rikard,  a moth-er by heart more or less lead us. We all found the beauties. Chris from Benson Palms, Judy, Jim and I were it. The highlight was seeing Reakirt Blues out on the west edge of Pintail Lakes. Mike and Chris's highlight were Roadside Skippers which were rather dull and brown. None the less we enjoyed the morning taking photos and trying to ID-ing the butterflies. 

Rounded Metalmark (only one seen this year)

                                                                  Phaon Crescent

Hopeful Suitor above,  Uncooperative Crescents below

                                                                   Orange Sulphur

                                                     Funereal Duskywings

                                   Reakirt Blue

                                                              Nysa Roadside Skippers

I can not ID either of these skippers. I need Mike or Chris to help.
Maybe next year, they can or I will know more.

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