Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Snowy Egrets and White-faced Ibis at Estero

       Snowy Egrets are comical. an expression seldom use but fit this photogenic wader. The immature Ibis were probably hanging with the egrets  because they are white like their parents. Then I should say Immature Ibis hanging with Snowy Egrets. The adult White-Face Ibis were just off the boardwalk but we saw not one Sora.  

A Treeful of Egrets 

Going to Mars . . . 

Just before Flying 

                      Here is a pile of Snowy Egrets and Ibis from the same tree. 

Immature White Ibis

   White Ibis taken a month before at Estero.

The Ibis below is a different species from the one above.

White-faced Ibis, breeding pair

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