Monday, March 3, 2014

Cloudy and a Chance of Soras

Starting out in a cloudy morning with chance of seeing spoonbills again but a better chance of rain. We happened on Steve on the boardwalk with a camera in hand. A few minutes later we also saw into Sue taking photos. All four of us ended up on the boardwalk and photographing the Soras. These rails are like most, they are heard more often than seen. They spend their time wading among the reed and seldom come out in the open.  If you are very quiet they might ignore you.  A Green Kingfisher made a brief appearance for the first time that year near the deck. Eventually five Soras were seen but after 20 minutes the rain finally drove us off the boardwalk. 

I was on the far right and Gunnar, Steve and Sue were running interference as they were between me and the Green Kingfisher. Sue and I were kneeling and I could not move much. I recorded him not a good shot. It was a enjoyable morning in the warm rain.

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