Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Aplomado Falcon Adventure

 Our Aplomado Adventure  on February 25 was on Old Port Isabel Road. Sue was the first to see a hopeful lump. The rest of us were not as sure. We drove on and saw Long-billed Curlews, a Road Runner, Cactus Wren and various sparrows. Taking the our trip in reverse, we stopped again and brought out the spotting scope. Photos confirmed that it was an Aplomado Falcon.  The bonus was seeing  mating pair of Aplomado Falcons.

This is how far away the Aplomado Falcons were. The land is posted and fenced so this was how we saw them.  In the center of the photo the far left huge Yucca flower was a little bump. With good binoculars, Sue could see a white front with a brown belly. Pat thought it might be, but we went on our way.

       X marked the spot!  He was sitting right below the cross supports of the power lines.

  A positive ID! Steve's telescope brought him in closer as did my Cannon PowerShot 50XS. 

                                The malenfalcon flew to another Yucca flower. 
Here is a close up view.

                              Then we saw another in the old  hacking box, used to transport raptors.

         She moved to the perch and then he flew to her and then left again for the Yucca.
The wind was strong for her and the photographers. I used a 4 ft post for steady myself.

The ladies did the happy dance. Steve was given a homemade 
knit hat by a young woman in the black truck over his shoulder going down 
the Old Port Isabel Road, but that is another story. We left pumped.

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