Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sunny Morning at Salineno

The weather (2-5) had been cloudy, cold, rainy and just not fit to be outside. It looked like a nice day coming so we started out early 6am for an hour and half drive to the river. It was a lovely morning there. (The sun did not get to Alamo.) The Rio is right there in the open as we drove up. The fog was just lifting and a dozen cormorants flew. At the river in the trees, we saw an Osprey, Gray Hawk, A Red-shouldered Hawk, and a Caracara. There were shore birds and song birds near by. After an hour were joined by other birders.

Ospreys are large raptors that can be seen through out the United States. One hangs out by the channel in Albert Lea. 

                                    The same Osprey caught, ate a gar and washed up after.

Gray Hawk



                                            Red Shouldered Hawk
                               Caracara, the Mexican Eagle

White-winged Doves                                                                                                      

                               Killldeer on a Sandbar

A group of 8 Brits came down at the Rio to see birds of prey mostly. This was the second encounter with the group. The last was a very cold windy day at Estero.

                Here is a photo of my birding buddy, Paul, one of the best birders we met. Thanks

Sorry to say we could not see the Red-billed Pigeon, the targeted bird for the trip.

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