Monday, February 17, 2014

Snowy Egret at Edinburgh Wetlands

A better name a Snowy Egret would be a Showy Egret. They are all about showmanship. The feathers are so white and beautifully arranged. Matter of fact they were almost hunted to extinction for their feathers in the 1880s. Laws were changed to protect them. The first photos are portraits at the canal on February 15th. 

These last photos were taken at Dragonfly Pond near the Visitor's Center the week before. Gunnar had killer photos of this heron but accidentally deleted them. 

                                            Showing his back end plumage.

  They have bright yellow feet that shake and dangle in the water to attract fish. 

We took the first photos at the park after the accident on 281. Gunnar passed a slowing car and came right on a stalled car. He maneuvered around it but scrapped the passenger side of the truck. We got out and looked and did not see any damage so continued on. Later we saw the stalled car was totaled and an ambulance was on the scene. Seconds made all the difference for us but someone else was not as lucky. We are grateful to be uninjured and have a drive-able vehicle. 

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